Can you critique my gesture drawings please? References included

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    Doing Proko's figure drawing course, references are from new masters academy life drawing sessions on youtube

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    Sorry I'm not up to the task to make a critic over your work but I am going to say that I love the fluency of your line of work.

    Cheers my man!

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    Its looking great! You really know how to use only a few lines to capture the general shape of the figure, not focusing that much on anatomy, which is the correct thing to do.

    The next time you do this, try to push shapes a little more, but remembering to keep feeling of the original pose. Keep an eye on the positioning of the body. For example, the one where the model is bent over. You exaggerated how the body curved up with the head pointed upwards, but doing so lessened how much her hips looked like they were sticking up in the air. For me, her hips dictated the flow of the entire body, so I feel it would have been more important to capture and emphasize then her turnt head, which is relatively small im comparison.

    You really got a solid technique going! Keep up the great work!


    I love to personality you captured.

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    I love to personality you captured.


    Hello and welcome aboard, Reddish, and good morning. Say, you're doing a powerful job on exaggerating and caricaturing the gestures of the poses of your figures, from Proko, which I haven't gotten onto yet, but these poses all seem a bit too rigider in terms of the curves against straights. Will you kindly free up but lighten up your lines with our interactive drawing tutorial rrrright here?

    The reason why you could and should do this tutorial is as a result, you could draw not just for art's sake, but for the thought systems from within. For most details, kinldy look into Drawing from the Artist Within and DRSB from Betty Edwards right there on

    My hat's off to you, so let's hope these make perfect sense.

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