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    Hi, I'm new to this community and totally a beginner at drawing, this is my first attempt trying to do gesture, I would appreciate some criticism and advice.

    Each one is 1 min.

    This is the correct way that gesture is done or I'm doing it wrong?

    Hope it works

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    I hate to say this but, there is no correct way to capture gestures haha. That being said, I'd look up figuredrawing on youtube, "Love life drawing" is a channel I've found helpful. Good luck!


    I like to think of a gesture drawing as trying to capture how the pose/action makes me feel or how it "flows". It looks to me that you are trying to copy the outline of the model in your gesture drawings. Try focusing more on how your eye moves through the pose not neccessarily how the pose looks. I found

    &">this video very insightfull on enjoying and drawing gestures. Remeber to have fun! Everyone finds theyre own process. Theres no definitive right way.


Hi, Jovjo! I'm glad you've decided to give figure drawing a try. I looked through your drawings and it's actually a lot better than my first time... I think that they're great, you have a general understanding of how things are put together (compostition) which is really good. I'd work on proportions and anatomy, its a lot harder to draw if you don't know the shape or size of something.


I don't know if this works this way or I have to do another topic but, thank you for your opinion; I tried again after watching some videos and I feel more confident about these

Two of two minutes


Exceptional job, Jovjo. There is no right or wrong way of doing your gesture drawings. If I was to give you a critique, it'll be this: Why don't you do 1 minute of 59 second sketches. (59 seconds + 1 second) The impulse why is because, your scribbles will become a little more than caricatured and drawn funny in attitudes. Hope it's extremely important.

Polyvios Animations


Those look amazing for a first timer! Great job Jovjo. I was taught a gesture is meant to illustrate movement and weight. Your'e gestures are definitely well on their way to doing just that. A good technique to practice gesture is to look at the pose and find the "line of action" (no pun intended). Start with one big line to capture the main movement and weight, then work from that. A fun question to play with is: If you could only use 2 lines to capture the pose what would it look like? They would probably be long and flowing, right? Expierement with that while you're warming up with 30 second poses. You will only have time for 4 or 5 lines, gotta make em count. With 60 seconds you have time for way more lines, so you will have time to breakdown each limb's line of action, but remember to work from large to small. Big lines first, get that main movement down, then secondary and tertiary.


You have the right idea. You are definitely showng the viewer what each figure is doing. So you have the concept of communication down when it comes to gesture drawings. The next step is a bit more anatomical and will take a lot of time and practice. Now you need to start applying some basic anatomy and adjusting your proportions while keeping the lines simple and loose, just like you have done on your drawings. There are tons of anatomy books out there, you just have to find the ones you like. Look up how do do gestures on youtube and you will find some really helpful instructions.


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