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    Hello everyone!

    I was told that my drawings lack form and practicing figure drawing is a good way to increase my skill, so I decided to do a 30 minute session every day.
    This is what my first session look like
    I usually start from head and the spine then work on the limbs. If I did anything wrong please tell me about it. I would like any advice that can help me improve.

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    This looks like a good start, and congrats for making practicing a priority and putting time into it! :D

    Based on what you say you're trying to accomplish, I would suggest for awhile, try the exercise of drawing the hips and torso as 3d objects rather than two dimensional shapes. Make them cubes or oblong spheres rather than boxes and ovals. If you have time, you can do the arms, legs and head in this way too. This will help promote your perception and understanding of how the figure is constructed in space, not just what it "looks like."


    I've tried to draw the hips like cylinders now, but I'm not sure what exactly you mean so I've put my results here to make sure I'm doing the right thing

    This is the result (3rd day)

    Also, my ribcage and hip look flat, what should I do with it?


    Hey Ancient meme, I dig it! for a first session you're on the right track, you already understand that you should draw the forms rather than just copying contours. You mentioned you feel your pelvis and ribcage feel flat - great! They feel flat because you have only used one line to describe it's form. Instead of cylinders which are hard to describe direction with - try using boxes. They make the form more 3d with less focus on the surrounding limbs. A box also has planes: A front, side, back, bottom and top plane which is what the body consists of (a lot of plane changes that is ^^). If this is your third day I say keep at it, you're doing great!


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