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    Most of these are 1 minute gestures, but the little one wandered in part way through and I had to make a quick switch to drawing from imagination. I've annotated them with the time taken per sketch... Forgive the spiderman doodles. He made a small request, and now I have to draw him some finished spidermen tomorrow.

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    A few extras.


    Hi. These are nice and clean. I would suggest that you try regular soft lead pencil on paper instead of digital draing board. I know... it's been said before, but that is the way to learn to do it for real. Once you master the pencil you might do something good on a drawing board as well, but line weight and pen preassure will only come from working with physical materials.

    Now for some critique on your scetches. It looks like you have a good fundamental understanding of proportions. The head is a little bit small in most of your drawings but the proportions of the rest of the body looks quite good. The pose on the second row on the right hand side of sheet two is an example of good gesture! I would also suggest to practice some more on poses with more twisting of the upper torso in relation to the pelvic. The spine bends backwards, forwards, side to side but it can also twist at the same time. Showing that twist can really give life and movement to the drawing. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the feedback, when it comes to the traditional vs. digital argument I'm actually much more experienced/comfortable with traditional. I've been using the digital tablet for these quick gestures as a way to get more comfortable using it, but if I plan on doing something that'll take more than ten minutes I switch over to a traditional media. I've stuck a few examples up on imgur.

    I've noticed the head thing myself and been trying to correct it. I've no idea why it goes so askew when I switch over to my drawing tablet but I'm trying to fix it, I swear. I'l take your advice and try more poses with a more dynamic twist in the spine, any idea where I can get some good references?


    Hey there, Callmedeedee, nice work on your poses, especially on your imagination and Spiderman poses, too.

    If I could suggest an improvement, then it would be to caricature those poses more, in 2 days of 96 minutes(96 m/2 d=48 minutes) of 30 second poses, all from reference and/or from imagination. Would you please do those practices? The reason why???? Because, you really don't need to do your finished Spiderman poses in a time as short as 30 seconds, what you're supposed to go for, is the movement of those types of poses.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this completely and definitely pleasurable, informative, and encouraging.


    Watching music videos with people dancing on you tube is a good source for poses. Just pause the video (take screenshot if you want to keep the pose) and time yourself as you draw it. Keep it short, and do many.


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