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    Hi! This is going to be my first time sharing my sketches up for critique so bare with me. I am a self taught artist who has been drawing fairly often for the past few years, but I have alays hated drawing the human form. However, next semster I will be taking a drawing class in college and I want to be prepared. So I purchased a new cheap blank sketchbook and I want to fill it up with just figure drawings and hands/feet etc. before the end of this semester. But since I am self-taught and have a hard time self critiquing in a constructive manner, I want some feed back to help me improve.

    I stated the sketchbook yesterday so here are my first 2 days worth of sketching.

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    What do you know exactly in the drawing? I mean, you started now? If that is so, you have to study the fundamentals and not go straight to the human form (except in gesture study).
    Because to study the human form, it is necessary that you have in your luggage a sense of tridimensionality, for example:

    How is the body in space?
    How Does Body Balance Work? The joints, what is the proportion of the body, you know? These things need to be automatic in your head, and that's basic. If you want to understand the basics, look for '' Drawabox '' on youtube, uncomfortable channel.

    I'm also self-taught, I started exactly 1 years and 11 months ago, if you want to see some of my studies, sometimes I publish in my timeline! ^^


    I have been drawing for several years, And i have sketchbooks full of form studies and light and shadows and all that fun stuff. I aso really doing interior and exterior architecture so i think I have a fairly ood understanding of the fundimentals. Even if my 2-point perspective is a bit iffy. But I have always avoided drawing people or in reality anthing organic because its not as structured, everyone is different and things change. Rulers are my friends but they arent as useful in figure drawing.


    I understand perfectly.
    I will try to give some tips.
    The idea of the human figure is to remove the will from the copy of your head, try not to copy, but analyze the model, paying attention to the fluidity of the body, if you do not understand the posture, take the posture for yourself. Besides analytical, the drawing needs to be felt, to understand the form, to feel the surface of the form. It sounds very romantic, but that's how I'm learning.
    And in the gesture, explore smaller times, like 15 to 20 seconds, because that way you will be forced to capture the gesture, do not do it above the 30 seconds initially.

    I'll show you some examples from my 15-20 second studies.

    "Add me on facebook that I'm going to give you some lessons, I just ask you not to give it to anyone else, because I paid for it!" XD

    "Sharlling Jheff."


    Great work for just 2 days!! Love the dedication.


    Coming from another self-taught artist, I can't see anything that you're doing wrong. In fact, it honestly looks like you have the hang of things, and all you need to do from here on out is put in the man(or woman) hours needed to make all of this muscle memory, which will allow you to put proportions to back of your mind while you focus on whatever you deem to be your next step. This is a really good collection of sketches, and I encourage you to keep at it and not get discouraged. Keep up the good work!

    Side note, your hands were fantastic! :D


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