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    It's not daily as I don't want to put that much pressure on myself getting back into drawing so it more gestures during the week as warmups.
    Generally trying to build up my confidence with my lines and line quality.

    Critiques and suggestions of improvement are appreciated.

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    These are all super impressive to me, so I don't know how helpful I will be with critique, but I was recently given this link as a resource and it really helped me! It's this site's 15 minute tutorial to figure drawing using the line of action method. It really helped me with the 30 second figures especially. It looks like you already do something like this, at least with the line of action part, but I wanted to offer it as a suggestion in case you didn't already know about it. :)

    I do really like the fluidity of a lot of your figures! The fact that you make light, smooth, and confident strokes really helps with that and is something I'm trying to be better about. The fact that you use the whole page, even if it means that figures overlap with one another, is another thing I really love about these gestures. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see your progress!

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    You've got some beautiful contour drawings for your figures, but little under-drawing is in evidence. That might help you to move onwards and upwards in your practice. Littlewaysoul already shared the link that I'd share about that. :)

    I'm really enjoying your faces. Nice use of super minimal shading to show planes.


    Yea definitely, I had done a lot of gesture work before and a lot of it did involve all those basics that you have kindly linked to me! I'm glad it still stuck with me even a little bit haha but it's also a good refresher to see it again!

    A lot of the reasons why I use the whole canvas and overlapping is just to let myself know to not worry about the space generally cause I sometimes distort the actual proportions of the figure to make it 'fit' the canvas and it looks all weird as a result.

    Thanks for the link!


    Nice work! I grabbed some of your older drawings for feedback. I hope this helps :).

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    Awesome for actually proactively critiquing but i'd like to see the before and after to see what was the major changes since your blue lines are really over powering. Thanks for the tips!

    Also so I don't have to search through my old links to see what you used. lol

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    You're welcome. I used these drawings:

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