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    I've been using this site for a while and I really enjoy it. There are a great selection of references.

    One thing that I think might be fun, would be to have lesson characterized by the following.

    1. It starts at poses between 3 and 5 minutes

    2. Every other pose it will subtract some time from the pose timer until reaching 1 minute

    3. After reaching 1 minute, the lesson continues until the person gives up.


    4:30 -> 4:30 -> 4 -> 3:30 -> 3:30 -> 3 -> 3 -> 2:45 -> 2:30 -> 2:30 -> 2:15 .... -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 -> 1 ...

    Does anyone else think this would be entertaining?

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    Hi Ian1111,

    That's an interesting idea! I'm curious what Kim thinks of this, I'll make sure she sees it.

    The current class setup exists because it emulates some of the real life figure study classes people attend, and is designed to warm you up with short gestures and then allow you to spend more time on detailed figures after your warmup. Can you explain what made you want to try this in reverse? :) I'm personally not really sure how this would help me practice and improve, but I'm super curious and ready to learn!



    There wasn't a huge amount of thought or revelation that went into the idea. In a lot of video games, things start off slow/relaxing and then get more difficult or faster over time. I have no idea whether it would be fun or just frustrating to try to draw faster and faster as the lesson progresses.

    I didn't even consider whether this would help one improve... I just thought it was a silly idea that might be fun.



    Hiya - got to say, I'd really like this! I find if I start with short poses, all it does is get me frustrated and I don't start to relax until I do some longer ones - I then do much better on the short poses after I've warmed up with the long ones :-) My IRL life classes have started experimenting with this too and it's been great so far: this week we did 3 x 5/6 min, then 5 x 2/3 min, then a few 20-25 mins to finish. It felt really helpful as the initial not-too-short poses gave enough time to ease in gently without getting too fussy, then the shorter ones pushed the analytical brain further out of the loop leaving me able to relax in the longer poses. I'd love to be able to just choose a 'set' of pose lengths for a custom class - could also help to guard against what sometimes happens when I have it in same-length mode and just leave it running: I get distracted and forget to go to bed...

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