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    Hello there, I'm new here and in gesture drawing in general, so I'm not quite sure what I should focus on here and where my weak points are. Would appreciate a critique!

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    Really interesting technique! Do you have a specific goal you're working toward right now?


    Thanks for the comment! My goal with gestures is to make them easy readable and dynamic. And if you ask about figure drawing in general, I would say I want to first of all familiarize myself with figure drawing concepts and principles, and become at least intermediate at it so I don't hesitate to draw figures in my landscapes anymore, and to play with anatomy or pose if I'm doing concept art.


    Heya, welcome! Gesture drawing can be a lot of fun, honestly, and from what I'm seeing here you're diving right in and taking to it well!

    I like the way you not only have forms but simple marks to represent volume- it seems to help a great deal with foreshortening, and I may actually borrow your technique. Your drawings look a little rigid, so perhaps you're in the same boat I am, where you need to improve fluidity and dynamicism in your work?

    You seem to have a good handle on how the human form is constructed overall, but gesture drawing can really help everything flow together in a believable manner quickly, rather than having to go through and construct each piece carefully.

    Keep going, and thank you for sharing your work with us!

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    Thanks for the reply! I will strive to make the gestures more dynamic!


    Try exaggerating the poses more! You lose motion as you fill in detail, so if your poses aren't exaggerated enough, they'll become more lifeless as you flesh out your drawings. Don't be afraid of pushing the believability of the pose! Besides, dynamic poses are always fun.

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    Your posing and technique are great, and I like the sense of place and sense of motion in these. I think your next step is to define where you want to go with your art, rather than trying to find out whats wrong with the art you are currently producing.

    If you get a clear idea of your goals, you can then go, 'okay, so i want to do such and such art' and then focus on aspects of that art, and start integrating that into what you are already doing! :D

    Good luck and keep up the good work!


    Thank you, I will work on it more :)!


    Thank you, Beardly :)!

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