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I have had the gift of an artist hand since I was young. However I haven't really drawn anything good for over 20yrs. So at one point before I got here, I believed it was to late for me to learn how to draw again. Every where I looked I saw young people doing what I love and they were so good at it that I would feel awful about "myself" because I felt like I wasted my gift by not using it. I would regret all the time that pasted not picking up a pencil or paintbrush to express my own creativity. I felt like " I didn't have time to learn what they know" or "it will take me FOREVER to be THAT good" tons of doubt was in my mind and I felt sorry for myself. So I would suppress my grief of not using my gift. It got so bad, to the point I would walk into an art supply store and cry, or read something from an art book and cry. I knew I was hurting myself but I didn't believe in me anymore. So needless to say it has taken me a long time to get here, where I can say I am ready to make a commitment to myself, to practice what I love and to push the negativity and doubt away so I can practice living what I want to experience in my next 20yrs. I look at it like this now, " What do I want to create for myself in the next 20yrs?" I want to be a "GREAT ARTIST" drawing and painting what I love! And feeling the love I express radiate back to me! I realize I am loving myself when I create! So I'm getting busy loving! its about time! *HUGS

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