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    Practice putting organic simple 3d volumes together, similar to how Proko does it in his mannequinization section (and Hampton too in his structural studies for that matter). This will help you develop a visual library for how to design shapes that look believable in 3d space. Good luck and hope this helps!


    Thank you for the feedback @Polyvios Animation ! I definitely see what you mean by the squash-and-stretch so I will focus on really capturing that in my sessions.


    Recently I haven't been totally satisfied with where I'm going in my figure drawings and so I've been working on my gesture often. I would love to get some feedback on my work so far! Thank you in advance :)


    Hey! Nice job focusing through the 10 minutes to try to capture the portrait.

    I think you can take some time in your practice to learn the proportions and structure of the head so that you'll be better able to capture the 3D form and likeness of the subject. While the features are important, I think structure and proportions should come first so that you can get a feel for how everything sits in 3D space and believability in how the features sit on the face.

    You can find a lot of resources and readings on the structure and proportions of the face, but one that I personally feel has been really helpful for me is Proko's Loomis method videos on Youtube which I will link here.

    Good luck and keep drawing!