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    Beautiful girl. If you want more realism, focus on the shape of the model’s nose and the size of the eyes.


    The link seems to be broken


    Hi Kim,

    Forums "Critique" and "Practice & advice" have a couple of spammers.


    First mark the locations of the most important elements. Use enough time to this phase. Then when you draw eyes, mouth, nose etc, do not draw a prototype of those. Examine carefully how do they look like.
    Above all, draw a lot.
    Hope this helps!


    The link does not work. Says access denied, "you need access"


    For me it looks like in the pictures 1,2,3 and 12 the eyes are too open.


    Have you downloaded Loomis's books? Not references but guides.

    The faces are quite general. I did not find the book very useful.


    In addition to the previous advice, one could add that it is not always necessary to draw the whole head. Sometimes you can draw only the areas of the eyes, mouth and nose. Individuality is often found in that area. And as others have already written, draw a lot and have fun.


    I think it's because of pauses. If you don't draw in couple of weeks, it becomes more difficult. In my case, at least.


    Hello Morgan,

    Beautiful line and nice drawing. Just keep drawing. You'll get your own style automatically. The upper arm and upper torso are maybe too short.


    One option is to upload image to this site (in Your Studio).

    Then paste the link (from show off your image) to the text.


    I don't see stiffness. The gesture looks natural and the line has a nice variation. What if you forget the clock and draw the hands and the face more accurate. It makes the whole drawing different.


    Drawing should be fun. Draw topics that interest you.


    Be careful with the eyes. They easily become over-emphasized when you draw a full face. I mean if you want to draw a realistic face.