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    Can you edit your post with an image link? Your art is not presently viewable.


    Thank you!
    It's been such a long time, I feel mega rusty but I'll get back into the groove and get even better. I wasn't sure (in the moment) if I made it too squished or the perspective was her getting father away while leaning back on the chair. I'm pretty sure I just squished her.
    Appreciate your reply and thanks for being the first person to speak to me on this website!


    Hello their humans,
    I've been out of the art game for quite some time (like 10 years) but after therapy and really working back towards my passions, i've started art again. I would like to learn the fundamentals more deeply before pressing forward and developing my own style to share with the world. I've started breaking down shapes and trying to get the rythm of the human form. Please critique and let me know how I can improve. Here is my first 25 minute figure drawing.