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    Use whatever you want man. I use a ballpoint a lot too and holding it it more comfortable then most pencils that I've used. Plus since you can't erase, you're forced to think about your lines before you put 'em down. Once its there, you'd better move on, whether the line is good or not. So use them. Sometimes its easier than using a pencil.


    Hey everyone!

    I'm super new here! Just got an account after realizing that I need other peoples advice and harsh critiques if need be. I got a decent way on my own, but now that I'm trying to learn colours and paints, I need help. Not sure why there isn't a function to post pictures of one's work here, so the best I can do is post this link provided its allowed.

    I hope that leads to the drawings I've bothered to scan and upload to flickr. I do have a deviant art account but I find uploading drawings and such a little annoying.