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    Thank you for the critique! This has helped a bunch :)



    So I've been trying to get in the habit of doing figure drawing daily and I didn't realise that how I constructed the drawing was more of a contour approach opposed to a gestural approach. I've been trying to use gesture, but I feel like the drawings are worse?

    I understand that the proportion may be a bit tighter with the contour approach, but I also feel I have more energy.

    I'd love some critique thank you :)

    Contour Approach



    Gestural Approach




    Thank you for getting back to me! :)

    Do you reckon it's something you would implement in the future?



    I've just started using line of action and so far I love the site/range of models/poses. It's so vast! I was wondering if theres a way to review the images after the timer? After I finish my session, I like to copy and paste the image to my canvas and see where I went wrong/what needs improving. I'm not sure if the feature is there and I'm missing it but I thought I'd ask. Thank you! :)