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    Hi Nodi ! Thanks for your feedback, I'll try to follow your advices . Have a nice day


    Thanks a lot for your very constructive critique ! Good evening


    Mainly portraits but i'm trying to learn new stuff (it will take times...) academic drawing, animals maybe the architecture later


    Back to drawing after a long break, advices welcome, thanks !


    Hi there ! I'm a french girl, my name is "Kheir" .

    Mainly portraits & hands , I'd like to develop a more realistic style in my portraits.

    Listening a lots of music ! rollerblade, reading , taking care of my 4 lovely Rats (Slim , Hauru , Anzai & Anderson) ^^ , retro gaming .

    I became Vegan (for ethics reasons) when I was fifteen years old . Interested in tattoo art . Hope in several years I can leave my job & find a new one with a tiny link to art...

    Thanks 4 reading =)