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    How do you trace from tablets or smartphones? Specifically, how do you make an image in the tablet stand still without accidentally moving or zooming it?

    Is there an image app on Google Play that allows for locking down the image after you zoomed or moved it?


    Can anyone here list down some good image galleries about dancers, as well as parkour?


    I'm from Malaysia, and I thought of going overseas to attend some art classes. But somehow it seems out of reach; the classes I'm hoping to attend is annually raising it's prices, my savings couldn't even cover a year attending it,and living costs are very high.

    But recently, I came across a few Youtube videos and online sites by the likes of Stan Prokopenko, Sheldon Borenstein, Mark Crilley etc. as well as free of classic instruction books. Even Gnomon has some affordable looking online classes. The price is way lesser attending a year in art school.

    So, should I do it? Should take a chance on these online art classes?


    How do you bring together the expressive motion of gesture drawing with the coherent structure of stick figure drawing?


    IMO, if I want to feel the looseness & rhythm in drawing down the figure, who else to look up to other than the elegant gymnasts?

    Good news is there's a lot of websites out there about gymnasts, as well as google images & youtube.

    Bad news is, there's way too many of them, so anyone here narrow down some good, decent websites showcasing images of gymnasts in action?

    Also, care to list down the best gymnasts every artist should draw from? I can only think of Nastia Liukin, Jordyn Wieber, "unimpressed" Mckayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Vanessa Ferrari, Alicia Sacramone, Shawn Johnson and so on.

    Please help? Thanks.


    Sometimes when I'm sitting  down & drawing, I keep feeling sleepy.

    How do I beat fatigue while drawing?