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    If you want more fluid poses you need to draw with longer and more fluid lines. Draw the figure's fluidity and energy, don't just copy outlines.


    Thanks Bodedo! It's been a while since I posted here :D


    Hi Daresom, I´m an instructor on There’s a good sense of balance in most of your drawings, which is a good start. Your lines need more energy and fluidity. Use a brush with opacity and flow set to pen pressure so you can build up and vary the darkness of your strokes. This one’s too opaque for this stage of the drawing.

    What resources are you using to learn this method?


    It's good that you draw the same pose multiple times. You learn much more and faster this way.

    Be more aware of gravity and weight to make your drawings more believable. Use darker lines to show areas of more tension.

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    I think your lines are quite good, the problem seems to be that you don't know how to use them effectively to show the action. First of all, be aware of gravity. The body constantly works relative to it, especially to maintain balance. Start with a clear torso mass. What is it doing? Next, draw the action of the limb(s) that support the torso's weight. In standing poses that would be the legs. Get their placement right and make sure the figure is balanced. Then draw the action of the arms, neck and head.

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