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    I found this to be useful. Hope it helps.


    With the 30 second drawings, I'd recommend focusing on just getting the basic gesture. You can refine the drawing in the longer sketches.


    Up shots are always tricky. Here is a drawing from Burne Hogarths "Drawing the Human Head" that might


    Welcome aboard. You're doing a good job of capturing the basic pose. You might want to try using simpler, fluid lines to represent the figure. Here's a nice example from Rokan-Rashanika.


    One approach you could take is to find some decent photos of people in a variety of clothing, copy the photo, and then put tracing paper over your drawing and try to draw the figure nude.

    Here are some photos that might help you.


    Welcome Loaniss. Looking forward to seeing your work.


    I'd recommend a couple of books. "Drawing the Human Head", by Burne Hogarth, and "Drawing the Head and Hands", by Andrew Loomis. I also found this on the internet. It does a pretty good job of showing basic head proportions.


    Really digging your drawings. Full of life and movement.


    A belated hello and welcome! Looking forward to seeing your artwork up here.


    Thanks for the comments Sanne. It helped to put things into perspective.


    Hey Readholes. I would recommend getting some decent drawing books. Michael Hamptoms "Anatomy:Design and Invention" is an excellent beginners guide to drawing the human figure. For perspective, I'd recommend "Perspective without pain" by Phil Meltzger. For animal drawing, "The Art of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature" by Ken Hultgren. I'd also recommend the class mode on this site. It gives a variety of different time frames from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing your drawings.


    Figure studies. At the risk of sounding whiny, I am very unhappy with how my drawing is going these days. It seems to me I was a much better artist 10 years ago. Very disappointing.


    These are really impressive. You were able to capture the form and movement very concisely and gracefully.


    Thanks Sanne.


    Very nice work. I particularly like the 10 minute sketch. You might want to try and make your lines a little more fluid.