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    Thanks! I shall take a look at them.


    Thanks, maybe I should go a bit longer and detailed yeah.
    Heh I hope you archive a lot better results than mine though, keep it up yourself mate.


    Hello, fresh User here.
    I've been drawing gesture each day for almost two years now but feel like I didn't progress at all for the time spent.
    I see other people improve at it in rather short time but myself not at all.
    Now I thought I could get by without any critique in my drawing life and do it all by myself but I see that I was quite wrong with that. I assume it's also the reason I improve so slowly.
    Gesture drawing just frustrates me immensly now and I would like to make it fun again.
    I am really hoping that people here could give me critique on the gestures I've been drawing, and how I could improve them/ do them better in the future.
    The images are my recent gesture drawings, 1min for each pose. Every critique is much appreciated.