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    i agree on your work maybe needing more attention towards form and structure. your sense of depth, shape, and motion are all great though, these look awesome! maybe setting aside time to do some longer studies and break down the anatomy further could be beneficial for you.

    looking great ! good luck on your studies ! :)


    hi , i just put some stuff together that ive done over the past month or so. i feel like im happy with my form and flow for the most part - but is there anything i should work to improve ? general concepts to push towards , or any small consistent errors to point out? any feedback at all is appreciated!
    thank you !


    these are great ! your poses are super clear and your proportions look accurate too ! maybe the only small thing i could suggest is in structure- although the shapes read clearly to suggest the human form, some longer studies on anatomy could help bring more depth n realism into your gestures. i personally find it helpful to look through musculature diagrams online while redlining models to help me further understand what im looking for while drawing .
    hope this helps!


    the fluidity in these are really nice !! the poses are very clear and energetic, i think the lack of variety you mentioned could be partly because of the torso and shoulder area? all of the poses you sampled are very static in that part, and maybe some extra exaggeration or definition in the form could help you achieve that goal. a youtube video that helped me with that personally was a video by Love Life Drawing, and another by Drawfee extra (i'll link both below) they talk a bit about how to simplify the pose into easier to comprehend 3D forms. i think 60 second studies might be helpful for practicing shorthands for these as well :)

    what you have is already really good and i wish you well with your studies !!

    (since the hyperlinks didn't work - those videos are "4 Simple Tweaks to Transform Beginner Drawings" by Love Life Drawing and "Karina Teaches Anatomy" by Drawfee Extra)





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thank you for the feedback !! ill check out the video and give those quicker poses a try, i appreciate it :)


i've spent a decent amount of time in the past month working on gestures to improve my general understanding of anatomy and to remove stiffness from my work, and was looking for some feedback regarding my progress.

these are two images from today's warm ups:

and about a month or two ago i shared these, for comparison

have i improved? what are some areas i should continue to work on, if anything stands out?

thank you !!


hi this is my first post here so i hope i'm posting the links right haha -

i struggle with stiffness a lot, if anyone has any advice to overcome that. otherwise, any critiques on my understanding of anatomy or really anything would be greatly appreciated as i'm still pretty new to all this technical stuff !! thank you :)