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    Very nice and fluid, like em a lot. First thought was that I would say draw through, second thought is where is the weight? when you take these 30 second poses down (at least for me) is to find the action. Some of your drawings look like they're toppeling over and I think this is because you're not thinking of the whole before the individual strokes. Anyways, thats my take on it, hope it helps!

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    I heard about a guy who drew 10000 hands and he said he felt like he didn't improve much. Thing is you need to understand the construction of the hands. Just like we can visualize a coke can in our minds and draw it from memory. I think the same goes for anything we draw, if we understand it completely we will have an easier time drawing it, even if it's not from reference. I recommend watching steve huston, Glenn vilppu or Sheldon Borenstein. They are all good teachers, (steve huston how to draw hands) https://www.


    Huh, it won't let me view the images. I'm stuck at 18+ screen, and yes I'm 18+... :)


    Hey and welcome to the study group! Discord is full of resources on how to draw, eveyone is sharing useful websites and videos. Feel free to hop in anytime


    This thread is broken?


    This thread is broken?


    Feel free to add stuff that you've found useful in your learning experience here. It can be anything from videos, books, podcasts, artists.

    Croquis cafe:

    Draw this:

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    I'm going to add my google drive on the discord with everything from naughty how to draw manga books to artbooks from movies or industry like snow white, how to train a dragon, Frazetta, Hayao Miyazakis Daydream note, Frozen, Kungfu panda, Finding nemo, Dead space, and a lot more!


    added a discord for those who wants to share art together. FEEL SO ALONE!


    Cheers to all the new members, glad to have you on board! Choo-Choo!


    I'm kind of mediocre at drawing, you can take a look at my random doodles to get an idea. Feel free to join whenever you like, I'll try to keep it as updated and be as active as I can. Would love to share this journey with some people, beginners or not.


    Yes, hello. wish you all the best! ( ఠൠఠ )ノ


    I hate to say this but, there is no correct way to capture gestures haha. That being said, I'd look up figuredrawing on youtube, "Love life drawing" is a channel I've found helpful. Good luck!


    You have really alive poses! One thing I'd like to point out is the use of ovals, you should check out videos on opposing curves. Otherwise just keep it up