Enkele versus meerdere objecten

De langzame voortgang van de objecten en stilleventool gaat door. Op basis van jullie verzoeken heb ik een secundaire categorie toegevoegd met de naam 'hoeveelheid' waarop de foto's kunnen worden gesorteerd. Het kunnen 'meerdere objecten' of 'enkele objecten' zijn. Vervolgens heb ik alle bestaande foto's gemarkeerd, ongeacht of ze meerdere of enkele afbeeldingen toonden, en uiteindelijk heb ik 13 startfoto's van enkele basisvormen geüpload.

Laat die suggesties maar komen, zoals je kunt zien, onderneem ik actie op basis daarvan!








Please can we pick which shapes we are working with? and draw from pictures that have singles or multiples of our chosen selected shapes?


JCML Fine Art

Kim - Site admin

How should images with multiple different shapes be handled? Like if you select multiple pyramid, does it include any image with pyramids even if it also has cubes?

Polyvios Animations

Yeah, buddy!!! Way to go on your jobs!!!!

Sci Girl

I’ve really loved all the improvements so far! Another potential challenge suggestion I would have would be glass objects or stone/gemstone/crystal objects. I think things with rich color and some transparency will help add a lot of variety to the tool. But that might also be best for down the line when more of the basics are fleshed out…

Polyvios Animations

What about action figures and other related toys and statues?

Learning Artist

Hi! I've been using the single object image feature along with multiple object images for my daily warm up, and while I think they add nice change of pace in between the multiple object images, I feel that there isn't much of a challenge in drawing singular shapes? As I generally focus on form/perspective I find that I finish drawing well below 30 seconds, so in the future I don't think there's a need to add more singular object images. I may be wrong in this assessment as I don't focus on rendering details, but that was my general take away from my warm ups.

Kim - Site admin

I suspect it has to do with what the person's goals are and what they are studying? I will do one or two more batches of singular objects just so that there isn't a paltry 13 in the category, but from there I will be aiming for more visually interesting still lifes again.



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