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Zelf aangeleerde kunstenaars staan voor veel uitdagingen. Wat studeer je nu als je niet weet wat je niet weet? Hoe zorg je ervoor dat je geen slechte technieken aanleert? Wat is de normale snelheid van progressie? Gebruik deze resources om kennis, inspiratie en ideeën voor huiswerk te vinden die je jezelf kunt geven om te blijven verbeteren.

Eerste keer hier? We raden aan om te beginnen met onze interactieve tekenhandleiding.

Medestudenten: HornetOfJustice's practice journey

After seeing her inspiring practice-makes-progress regimen and her thoughtful, thorough critiques for other community members, it was clear to me that HornetOfJustice was a natural fit for rebeginning the fellow student series! I think you'll see why HornetOfJustice embodies #practicegoals - despite no formal education in art aside from "indifferent public school teachers" who may have done more harm than good, she has found a growth mindset that's allowed her to train herself, largely through online resources like Line of Action. Lees verder

Beter begrip van anatomie: Animal leg anatomy cheat sheet

We've spoken before about that oh-so common artist's mistake of believing that some animals have "backwards knees." But in that original post, we only discussed "digitigrades." Digitigrades are animals that walk on their toes, with the "sole" of their feet off the ground, like cats and dogs -- this leads to the common myth that they have "backwards knees," as their ankles are easily mistaken for knees... Lees verder

Medestudenten: ArtByCe's Line of Action tutorial

We got featured on ArtByCe's Youtube channel! I love this video not just because Ce says some very complimentary things about the site ;), but because she shows her whole sketching process. This is different than the technique I personally use and recommend for 30 second drawings, but is just as valid. I hope watching her work gives you ideas for your own practice sessions. You'll note that she very... Lees verder

Verbetering van de techniek: What happens if 30 seconds isn't enough?

Reconsider what "enough" means. Many artists get caught up in this idea that they need to produce a "sketch" in each 30 second window of time, and this becomes an impossible goal if in your mind a "sketch" is actually a semi-complete picture in pencil. Relax; you are doing just fine. Almost no one can actually get a "complete" drawing done in 30 seconds. That's actually the point — by giving... Lees verder

Andere bronnen: Overview of life drawing techniques and methods

Paintingdemos.com just published an article that gives a bird's eye view of many different common life drawing techniques. Their overviews link to more in-depth explanations of each technique, so if one appeals to you, you can quickly find more information. They even mentioned this site and referenced one of our articles! Check it out at http://paintingdemos.com/life-drawing-techniques-and-methods/... Lees verder