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    This is my first time using this site, and I would consider myself to be a relatively inexperienced hobby artist. I've only really been drawing for about 3 years, and have had no official education in art. When I asked around on a Discord channel about sites that could help me improve my art skills, someone mentioned this site. I went straight into a 1-hour figure drawing 'class' session, and I would really like some feedback!

    The main things I am looking to improve with may art is my ability to draw the human figure in correct proportions, while maintaining a sense of fluidity. Since I do a decent amount of animation, I want to learn how to draw these figures in short periods of time, while not losing all proportions (as can be seen in my 30 second drawings, which is more-or-less the time I commit to a rough sketch of each frame of an animation)

    30 second:

    1 minute:

    5 minute: (1 drawing missing)

    10 minute:

    25 minute:

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