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    Just a quick question for all of you,

    I've been taking a few more pictures with drapery. I was curious whether pictures like these (see Link) are helpful or whether they cover too much of the human form. They look artistically beautiful, but I know this is particularly figure drawing website.


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    These definitely seem useful, although it'd depend on the types of drawings you'd be doing. For gesture drawing, models physically interacting with objects is always useful, since the weight and movement of those objects shift the balance of the pose. Plus, there's the gesture of the fabric itself to consider, which is good practice for drawing clothed subjects.


    They are useful in my opinion, for a few reasons. People interracting with objects is always important, and it creates a slight challenge for the artist to try and draw the human form without seeing it in entirety (being covered by the draped fabric)




    You are my favorite model. I adore your reference photos. They are so gorgeous and useful. Thanks)


    Thank-you! I try to make them beautiful


    Excellent job on your reference photo portraits, Theo. Very inspiring for gesture practice. Keep up the great work! :-)



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