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    Hello ! After watching a video from Marc Brunet I tried to apply his advice to get better at drawing anatomy, I directly drew on the references for the figures with this symbol (*) I tried to construct the other by myself and I did a bit of gesture too.

    It's my first time sharing a study with other people, I usually do my studies in my corner but I heard sharing and listening to the opinions of other is really great to improve your skills so yea..

    I'm not sure how to end this but I'll take any advices or critiques gratefuly !

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    Hello and good evening, Esop, I'm Polyvios. I'm greater. How are you doing tonight? Greater job on your fluid poses, your construction, your lines of action, and your solider primitives. Keep up the greatest work.

    But there's one smaller problem. The forms look or seem a bit too tighter and too rigid to me, but some of the arms are a bit too inconsistent in length. Would you kindly take all of your figure drawings, mirror them, and correct the arms in some of them, making them look more believable in those bodies. And furthermore, would you like to kindly go for a tremendous drill of 1 hour's worth of 1 minute sketched poses? For more details, see that Shamus Culhane book on Quick Sketching Section. The reasons are because, first of all, to make your perspectives on your bodily anatomy all the more fresher. And last of all, to make your forms the least geometric, and more organic, alive, and natural looking and feeling, especially if you're using solid primitives.

    Good luck to you on your journey, and my hat's off to you and it.


    Thank you for your reply Polyvios ! I'll try to observe more and correct the proportions of my figures and as for Shamus's book I'll definitly check it out too ! Thanks again


    They are good very good lines I believe Ethan Becker usually say focus on the shape of the torso. The arms and legs are just tubes. You can add detail with the construction is mostly solid. It also helps to have a focused goal and do one thing well then move on. My goal is to do character design so I need to practice tons of gesture drawings. I tried to do at least 15 mins. If your goal is to improve anatomy ask yourself why? What is the end game?


    Thanks for the advice YRD ! Like you said I think the trunk of the body is an important mass to understand too though I feel like the limbs I draw lack a sort of energy/flow. Maybe it'll get better with gesture drawing, I did a session of 1h with 1min poses yesterday, even though I'm not quite sure how to approach it I'll try to keep up one session per day.

    As for my goal well it's a bit messy, I'd say the true end goal for me would be to being able to draw a lot of thing and making illustrations from my imagination and maybe making a webcomic some day ? It's a lot and its a bit vague and I'll probably reach it when I'll be really old !

    And I really like drawing characters so that's why I want to know more about the human anatomy, being able to draw humans in a stylized way like Tatsuya Yoshikawa or Boichi is one of my primal goal, maybe it could actually be my end goal for now ?

    (Here's some pic if you're curious about their artworks :

    Tatsuya Y. : , , ,

    Boichi : , , ,

    Tamio (I love their works too !) : , , )

    Anyway thanks for taking the time to respond, I'll try to focus on small goals (like the differents parts of the body) to get to my primal goal from now on !

    I really hope the gesture drawings will help improving your skills to reach your goal !

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