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    I just wanted to create this, to in some way challenge myself to draw everyday. What I will do here is try to draw at least one 30min class in any category and post it here as a journal entry. Any tips and critiques are welcome.

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    11/4/2017 - Faces and expressions - Should use a darker pencil, first drawings in a few weeks so kinda bad



    Dang it! Day 2 and already failed :(


    You can do it! Just try again. Failures are bound to happen. Maybe try for just once a week.


    Oh i haven't given up :3, i'm just too lazy to upload them, so i'm collecting them for a week and then i'll upload them in bulk.


    Yo dieEnte, I'm going to upload daily with you. I too, have been trying to challenge myself to draw everyday.


    Attempt #4 at posting this, the site won't let me for some reason so here it goes:

    I completely forgot about this, thanks for reminding me, here they are:
    imgur, ignore text around some of them, i draw a lot during classes

    These are not all of them, just some, cuz i'm just lazy to find them all and also more than half of them are no longer in my possesion(they ended up in the trash), also i focused mostly on 30sec gestures so most of them make sense only to me so i excluded those too.
    As i already mentioned, this time i focused on gestures, just trying to capture the energy instead of going for the contours. Also started to develop this cartoony artstyle inspired by LavenderTowne's style. I also started to model with plasticine, kinda good at it. Really helps me to understand 3d space better. Cannot recommend it enough, only that making support armatures is a pain in the a(which you can buy if you have the money).

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