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    hello there.
    my name is anass saidi but you can call me (Flappy)
    i'm a student and in love with digital painting.
    and here is my tumblr and my deviantart:
    please feel free to take any other artwork you want and critic is the much you can.
    i'm gonna start with this one here.

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    Technically a nice job. The flow or rhythm of the composition is a bit unsettling as is the theme. I see an expression of a soul with anxiety and pain, and some paranoia. Forty years ago I wanted to express my inner torment through my art. Now I find a joy in trying to discover and capture the hidden beauty in all the common things about me.


    oh thanks.
    i'm still working on my sense of composition with reading some of the andrew loomis books.
    the beauty is hard.


    Love it but i feel like the shadows are a bit too big.. but overall awesome job


    oh yes. thanks you. i took too much time on the shadows to get them right.
    hh there was too big than this :).
    may be because the moon was too big that i couldn't get them right.

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    I really like the atmosphere of your drawings, it works well. Realistically, yes, the shadows are probably a bit big. But I like how you did that, it adds to your specific style, makes it different, and helps the atmosphere. I personally really like it that way; anything to distinguish an artist from another one.


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