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    I put together a video of all the quick sketches I practiced in January.

    I am turning this into a monthly series to show my progress throughout the year.

    If you are interested please take a look, all feedback is welcomed.


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    Hello, Stvalentine14.

    I have seen your YouTube video, and I must say, you're getting to be on the right track and off to a greatest start. I love the flow, fluidity, construction, silhouette, 👤 and of course, line confidence and line quality. However, I'm getting too much of your stiffness in the drawings where I'm getting enough of your balooniest limbs from top to bottom in your poses entirely. Why don't you like to kindly go for just our interactive drawing tutorial on our site, with the cheapest notebook with the cheapest pens and eraserless ✏️?

    As a result, your line confidence and quality can and will improve millionfold, and the rest can and will follow. For most tips and tricks, please look into Action! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell on Amazon.com.

    My hat's off to you!


    making a video is a really cool way to show your progress! i can definitely see an improvement from the beginning of the video to the end- your lines get more confident, your drawings improve, and i like the hatched shading you start adding.

    i notice that a lot of times (though this does get better towards the end of your flip through) you tend to have your figures go off the page like your last figure at 4:41 in your video. i wasn't sure if you were just trying to focus on certain parts of the body, but if not i think it could benefit you to try and get the whole body on the page when you draw. i found it helpful to put a more conscious effort into drawing the whole figure in my studies, so maybe it can help you?

    i'd reccomend moving away from trying to accurately represent the figure on your shorter 30 sec-1 min drawings and trying to focus on capturing the flow of the whole pose. you seem a lot more confident in drawing the torso than the extremeties of the body, and i feel focusing more on gesture could help with that.

    you've already made excellent progress in one month of sketches, and i'm excited to see your sketches next month!

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    Thank you for your thoughtful critique it was very helpful. You're correct when you said, "I think it could benefit you to try and get the whole body on the page when you draw." I went to a life figure drawing session yesterday and I got a similar comment from an artist there. They also gave me some advice on making the full figures fit into the page by visualizing the proportions on the page before I drew the line of action.

    My focus for March will be to continue improving proportions and increasing my confidence in drawing the extremities as you mentioned hands and feet are some of my weaknesses. I am learning a lot, the next video with February's compilation will be out at the end of this week.

    Thank you again for your advice!

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