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    These are my recent gestures that I made, I would appreciate your opinions

    I have a question, everything has gestures ?, even parts of the face such as eye or mouth?
    Sorry if it's a silly question, but I want to make sure of this.

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    First, to answer your question, yes everything has a gesture, including parts of the face. They are always going to face a specific direction, create a specific line, etcetera. Second, I absolutely adore your gesture drawings- they correctly show the anatomy and S-curve of the body. By the looks of it, you are doing the sketches on an iPad using the apple pencil. This is fine, but if you would like to, say, apply for art college using these gestures, I'd lean away from using digital. The thing about gesture drawing is you are supposed to move your entire bod- it's about fluidity. While you captured the movement of the picture and the figure, it's stiff. I reccommend getting an 18 by 24 inch pad of newsprint and a charcoal pencil if you are serious about improving your anatomy and gesture drawing skill. Drawing with charcoal and newsprint is very different than on an iPad/ tablet, but it is necessary to ease the stiffness of the pieces.

    You have lots of potential. I hope that you continue to draw!

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    Yes, every aspect of draing involves a gesture of some kind. In all cases, it helps to understad anatomy in order to find the gesture. Where the head is concerned, knowing the skull and the general proportions of the human head, your can establish your gesture to quickly indicate the direction the head is facing. Try to develope a "short hand" of your heads so that you can quickly place your head gersture.

    I love the movement and the flow of your gestures. Maybe you can have some fun with them by using one or more of your gesture drawings to build a figure around them. Use your skills, the references of each figure and your understanding of anatomy. See what you come up with. Most imprtantly, HAVE FUN!!!

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    Googoodolls132, I am SO MUCH in love with your quickie gestures, so much looseness, so much life, and more importantly, so more humor. Although, I gots one most smallest request made just for you: Would you like to post me some 5 minutes of your 30 second gesture sketches of figure studies, if you haven't already, if you pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pleeease??? And why???? It's because your studies will be the most innately drawn funniest. Pin your hopes that it'll be your most superb work.

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    Googoodoll, I love your gesture drawings!! Very fluid, nice curves and lots of movement!! You are on a great start with gestures I hope you keep posting so we can watch your skills grow! :0)

    You are a good example, thank you for sharing!


    Love the fluidity of these. It's clear that you're keeping loose, and that's something that a lot of artists our level struggle with!

    Don't be afraid to draw bigger. Early on, it's important to avoid the habit of only drawing using your wrist or even elbow. Make sure to experiment with drawing at different sizes, and try to draw using your whole arm. This will help you in a lot of respects, but one of the immediate benefits is that you'll be able to go back in and add more structure and detail to further refine your drawings.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep posting, and keep up the good work!


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