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    Wondering if there are any plans for how to deal with the spam onsite - I'm seeing a lot of "spam" / nonsense answers to posts.

    I try to report them, but I'm wondering if there's any way to mitigate them since I'm seeing more and more pop up (I admittedly don't know enough about site moderation to know if something like this is possible, though).

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    Hello again, Icouldntthinkofaname, how are you? You know, to answer your question, what about reporting the spams to Kim of this website? Because, if you report those spams, then Kim and/or Sanne can help deal with those spams, if you just give them some time to deal with them. Or if that doesn't work, just report 10 more of them. Therefore, if that doesn't work, you can always report 100 more of them and so on, and so on, until spambots are NO MO'!

    Hope you've found this answer totally concrete, and happy thanksgiving!🦃🍽


    I have reported them :D !

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


    Hi friend!

    Polyvios is correct, we handle spambots as quickly as we can. :) Kim and I have both been busy working on some things behind the scenes the past two weeks so we're a little bit slower than usual with banning the bots.

    Spambots are a near unavoidable problem in this day and age. There are lots of tools in place to help prevent them from being able to sign up and post, but the people who build these kind of bots get more and more creative to get around these blocks on a daily basis. It's a frustrating struggle for everyone!

    We prevent a lot of them from getting to the forums, but a few are bound to slip through. Reporting them helps us out a lot, so thank you!


    No worries!! Thank you so much!

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