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    Hello, I'm looking for feedback

    I've filled multiple sketchbooks but these are some of my most recent sketches:

    I've been practicing figure drawing. I have some experience sketching hands and almost none drawing faces

    How can I practice drawing faces?

    Thank you.

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    I like the power of your lines and the way you drop your figures on the page, as if the page had no boundaries


    Good evening, Pennyberyl, and welcome aboard. I'm Polyvios, I'm fine and how are you doing this evening? Say, you're doing a really fine job on quickly sketching out your figures, hands, feet, faces, and expressions. Please do kindly keep up the totally great work ethic. But, if your time limit for each of your sketches was 2 minutes, then your quick bold power in your lines seem a bit too stilted for my tastes. How would you like to loosen up your hands with 30 more minutes of 1 minute poses of figures, hands, feet, faces and expressions?

    The arguement behind this critique is because you could and should be really and completely holistic in your approach to drawing attitudes and poses. For most details, please look into the Mike Mattesi drawing books on Forces and some gesture drawings from Pinterest and more drawing tutorials on YouTube.

    My hat's off to you, and let's hope they've encouraged you so much.


    Hello Pennyberyl!
    I enjoy your drawings they have a lot of personality and power. I have some ideas that could help you improve: first, a tip that a teacher once told me that to create more interesting figures, you could play by opposing straight lines and curve ones, generating contrasts, so instead of making the leg with only curved lines "()" you could try contrasting them "|)".

    The other thing that I could say is that maybe you can try to mark better the hands, feet, and head; I struggle a lot with those parts, but practicing is the key to making improvements, so that's my advice.

    But in general, I can see that your poses are dynamic, something that is sometimes difficult to achieve, so congratulations!

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    Really fun gesture drawings! Lots of energy in every piece. I enjoy how you exaggerate the curves. You didn't list the times for any of the drawing so Im going to assume they are quick. You do a lot of line searching, something that happens when you place a line, then redraw it right next to it to correct the proportions. You might want to try taking your time with the first line or try holding you charcoal just above the paper, practicing the motion until you are confident, then pressing down.

    Af for some advice for practicing faces. This website has a great tool for that. You seem to know the general shape of the skull. Use the site to look at portraits, draw their heads. Know the general shape of the head, how the eye sockets sink into the face, how the nose sticks out and what angle the shapes and place ment of the ears are. DO NOT JUST DRAW THE EYES FIRST. It is hard hard hard to build out from a highly detailed drawing of an eye first, its very easy to misplace where they are on the skull.

    It might be helpful to study the Loomis Method

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