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    Hey! I'm new posting here. Critiques will be appreciated.
    I'm building a habit and this is my 55 days in a row doing gesture drawing on these website.
    I have done them every day in class mode on 30 min long.

    This is my first day

    This is today practice

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    Hey, Lenick! Whats up? I think that gestures are very cool, and Im happy that you are drawing has 55 days, keep practicing :). A tip that I can give for you are think before put lines on paper, I see a lot of lines that could be resolved by one line.


    Hi Jardiel! Thanks you a lot for the tip I'll try it at today practice


    Hey Lenick, I agree with Jardiel. :) Got any updated sketches for us?


    Sorry i'ts been a busy week for me.
    That was my yesterday practice.
    I tried using a ballpoint pen and I love it.


    It's good to hear from you again! I'm digging those sketches in the second image. :D

    As for thoughts, there are some wonky perspective going on with some torsos from what I can see, like there is a misalignment between the rib cage and the midsection/pelvis. It may be slightly over dramatized? The rib cage is still attached to the spine and can only stick out so much, I think it would be worth paying attention to in your next sessions.

    Keep up the good work! :)


    Hey! thank you for your critique. The thing is that I don't know about anatomy. I just press the "start" button and draw. But I will try to keep it in mind.


    That's alright! You might want to try and do a few studies on skeletons to get a better sense of what the bone structure is like. If you understand that, the rest will become easier too.


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