by leofelco816, February 11th 2019 © 2019 leofelco816

It's face month! Trying to improve on facial rendering and expression. The 5 min and 10 min are my favorites.


I love your expression drawings, I think they capture the essence of the expression well. Only things are the line behind the ear of the 10 minute drawing is a little dark which is slightly distracting, and maybe you could start to use more values and shade the dark and mid tones to create more form and depth, otherwise I think they are looking great!


Thank You, Saburton33. I tried to darken the tones on the 10 min submission on 02-12-2019. Hope you see improvement. I appreciate your critique.


Ms Talkin

Great exercise! The drawings where the eyebrows/eye lids/eye openings are clearly related with connecting lines, details, or repeated shapes are the most expressive. The ones where eyelid detail is missing or there is not a clear connection or relation between the brow and eye opening seem flatter and less expressive.


Thank You, Ms Talkin. I'm working on my eye rendering and expressions. It is a challenge within the 30 sec and 1 min timeframes. I want to show more control during those time constraints. Your critique is appreciated.