200528 Practice

by JBLEE, May 28th 2020 © 2020 JBLEE

try drawing some loose forms before getting into particular perspective shapes. what are the circles and general movement of the form?

Polyvios Animations

Very tight and loose and solidly constructed drawings, immediately, JBLEE, although, I've got one littler request: Why don't you do this task for me: Take 10 pictures of your Andrew Loomis book, duplicate them, then rotate, later, flip and grayscale them; and next, use those in your next ever 30 minute class with them, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please?????? And cause??????? It's because, you'll really learn how to apply what you're learning from Andrew, into your figure studies. Accredit it that it'll be a smashing success.

Yours Truly.


Very thank you. Ok i understand what you mean and i will try that way. Thank you so much!!


Before it i want to know what's meaning for 'flip' ?? Sorry my english is not good.😢


maybe add more softer straight edge lines then get the shape and do a little bit of shading. And only make darker lines where the photo reference shows it gets darker. :) but overall good job.