Face / Expression: 11.17.20

by PCONTE, November 17th 2020 © 2020 PCONTE

Done as part of a 1 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

First attempt at faces

Anai D 37

The face is too long for the angle the nose and eyes say the face is in. Probably should show more of that neck and chin. I like the crosshatching in the neck but the eyebags are maybe a bit too strong. The hair feels off overall with a few random strands loose. I specially like the nose and eyebrows. Well done! Keep working!!

Tx Williep

Excellent face looking up (which adds to the difficulty). Let's have more. You are on a roll.


You're brave to choose a face looking up for your first face attempt! The best way to improve on drawing faces (IMO) is to look at the skull and try to draw that from various angles, it translates to a better grasp of proportions once you know what's underneath the face.

Aside from that some minor nitpicks:

- The eyelashes start on the outside of the eyelid, you have them drawn like they start on the inside.

- You did not specify how long this drawing took so maybe it was a time issue but the drawing has different levels of detail and different amounts of shading in different parts, which makes it look not very cohesive. In my personal opinion, removing the shadows on the nose and around the eyes and neck would actually make the drawing look better, because it would match the rest of the face more.

- When cross-hatching like on the neck, it often looks smoother if you follow the curves of the thhing you're shading rather than using straight lines. It would make it look more 3D.

I hope it helps! :)


Nice! That's a tricky angle to work with. The eyes look slightly too big, I think maybe starting out with some simpler angles will help you understand the overall proportions of the face. Then work your way up to trickier angles.

Polyvios Animations

I am in absolute love and admiration in your head sketch art, PCONTE. Love it, but I've got one littlest idea of refinement and polishing. The gesture is still gesticulating in your expression angle; why don't you please ease up your expressions in 35 more minutes of 30 second faces? You wanna know whyy??????? Because, it'll help you boil down your difficult head positions in the most important forces.

Hope it's been comprehensively and positively useful, concrete, and beneficial.