50-Minute Man

by Theinkdrinkwitch, April 23rd 2021 © 2021 Theinkdrinkwitch

Done as part of a 2 hour class.

My current goal is: Improve at correctly capturing the overall proportions of the human form

Polyvios Animations

That's a very, very spectacular job on your long study of 50 minutes, theinkdrinkwithch. Bravo!!

I have to suggest you one litte critique, I love how much broad strokes on the forces, subtle notwithstanding, but I really don't see enough of them. Why don't you please loosen yourself up with oil pastels on newsprint, thru 60 minutes of 30 second gestures??? (all 120 quick studies)

The reason why you could do this idea is as a result, your human proportions will become looser and the most intuitive. And if you're new here on this website, be sure to look up this online tutorial right here. So that you'd be able to start out with broadest strokes, before the subtler forms and details.

I just wanna say, good for you, and cheers.


the lower body seems good. somethings weird in the head. i guess have a separate practice on the head alone.


I think your line work is strong and enaging to look at. The bottom half of the figure is defintely the strongest part, and in general i think this is a solid effort. I think the porportions could use some improvement, and the form is a bit stiff. My suggestion with future practice is to start with a basic light-handed gesture drawing to capture the motion of the figure before going in with the contours of the body. I also encourage you to do some dedicated practice for studying the head, i found that in my own practice it really benefitted me when i started doing figure drawing because it was an area i could execute pretty quickly. Keep up the good work!


Hey, I think your drawing lack a bit of life, your lines are quite rigid. To avoid that, i suggest you to begin your drawing with a more broader and/or more flexible tool (felt, brush...)

I for example often use light watercolor with a brush to begin my drawing and construct the bases. Then, I come with a pencil or a fine felt to make it more precise and detailed. But it's up to you to find what you prefer. I think that pencils are not a good tool to begin with, because it make your drawings look a bit rigid. That's not an easy tool !

An other tip is to make quick warms up before longer poses, it frees your lines and make it looks more alive.

The body anatomy is good !Especially the upper body (shoulder/back), the lines are good.

When you make long poses where you struggle with hands, I suggest you to make little sketches of the hands on the side to practice, then to draw them on your main drawing. I think it's better to make not perfect hands than not to draw them, first because it's not very beautiful and second because if you always avoid hands, you will never learn