Daily Hand Practice Challenge 9.7.21

by Diana Coto, September 8th 2021 © 2021 Diana Coto

Working on picking up a daily practice hand drawing. I want to be able to draw hands freely :)

Polyvios Animations

Stupendously fantastic job on your hand study drawing, DianaCoto. That's a mighty, powerful great job you've done.

My suggestion is that though your anatomy of the hand and gesture is still getting there in the rough, but, your clean-up drawing is nowhere near as great as your rough sketch. Would you please be able to need to loosen up your final lines with a 10 minute line drawing of any hand, flipped horizontally and vertically???

The reasons why is because of: a) to get you into the right side of your brain. And b) your forms and proportions (relationships and angles) will dramatically improve with time. For more complete info, look up the two Betty Edwards books, Drawing on the Artist Within, and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.


Diana Coto

Thanks for the feedback!

By lossing up final lines with a 10 minute drawings, I'm guessing this would be as a warm up?



Why not try a drawing session in which you only draw Some of the lines? The eye can make sense of an image without a routine outline of the whole hand.

This may help your pencil flow and the overall thickness or thinness of your lines, which will enhance your gesture and the story in your drawings. I know that this is just a gesture, but if we think about the story in the gesture, it will come more natural in our regular works.

Warning: this exercise can be very taxing on the brain if you have never done it before. Have a reward ready for your efforts. I usually go for cookies.

Keep at it, and maybe give the drawing exercise a go.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art

Diana Coto

I'll try the exercise :) cookies sound awesome. Thank you!

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