Mountain Spirits

by, April 11th 2022 © 2022

This is nothing really special about this; it's just a concept idea I came up with a few days ago and have been messing around with.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening,, and welcome to Line of Action, this is Polyvios Animations from Salem, MA, USA. I think and feel that your composition and pose is completely and totally on the right track in my eyes. Keep up the greater work, and someday, you can and will be a greater concept artist or visual development artist.

However, I've got one littler request: I love the rough thumbnail, for how much scale you've put into this dude in the foreground, who looks so smaller, while the black, mysterious figures who look, in relationship, so larger in comparison and contrast; so, the delicate and broader scale has been lost in the final drawing. The caped dude looks too larger. The mysterious blob people look so smaller to my eyes.

Would you care to look back at the thumbnail reference, the final illustrative drawing, and do some rough 5 minutes of 30 second composition gesture drawings? The reason why is because of three things: 1) To get more into the broader gestures of the composition and layout. 2) To not concern yourself with the more complicated forms and details in this stage. 3) To get your real excuse to be more and more holistically in sync with your design choices and layout choices, more intuitively than you're used to. If you really wanna see more, check out this link here.

Good luck, and I hope this bit of constructive critique has been more helpful, informative, and encouraging and nicer.

A Wolf 06

Hello! I think you did an excellent job with this work, and the composition is excellent. I do like the variety in shape you showed in the spirits in the thumbnail and I wish that we could see more of it in the final drawing. I think playing around with the shape of the head, body, eyes, etc for the spirits could differentiate them from one another and give the piece more to take in!