Conte on pastel tan toned paper

by Mikeyb, July 3rd 2022 © 2022 Mikeyb

Getting back into this after a short break, any suggestions are appreciated. My main goal is to progress and continue to get better at drawing the figure

Jubilate Deo

Hey this is awesome! Really dramatic. The facial proportions look a little off. Maybe the forehead is too small, or the jaw too large? She has a sort of muzzle. Though I suppose it's possible the model really was thrusting her jaw forward like that.

Macaroni Artist

I like the simplistic style you used for the shading and highlights, it creates depth without being too busy. I did notice there are some anatomy problems though. The tailbone seems to be much less pronounced than it should be. The lower back has less of a steep curve. The chin is also a little too far forward, and along with the sunken brow, makes the face look angrier. For the hair, I would avoid using identical lines to show form. It can create a flat, cartoon-like effect, that lessens the impact of the rest of the piece. Think instead about where the shadows are, and how the hair sits on the head. Lastly, in the background, try to blend it all around the same darkness. Avoid the scratchy lines. Great Work!