Box memory practice

by Cave Paint, November 10th 2022 © 2022 Cave Paint

This is my first almost perfect run. I am so excited, a few more days of this and I can move onto the next step


Great use of boxes. I just started to use boxes myself. Keeps me orientated.


Seeing the box-formed gestures is really interesting. I actually think doing gestures with boxes is fantastic practice when thinking about how the boxes appear three-dimensionally with certain gestures, unlike with circles where circles appear rounded and don't have three-dimensionality unless you apply shadows or slice them apart

These are awesome box people - keep it up!

Cave Paint

You got it! I also have this theory that if I can remember the boxes around the bones and combine it with a deep understanding of anatomy. All I have to do when I observe is pick out the traits that make the person unique to work from memory.

most teachers will tell you that working from memory is impossible. Or if it is you are memorizing that one pose from one angle. Not very effective.

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