figures 03

by Mely6990, May 31st 2023 © 2023 Mely6990
Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Mely6990, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, how are you? Say, you're doing a powerful greater job at regaining your senses of gestures, spaces, relationships, and gestalts of your figures, however, the anatomy and gestures of those figures, along with the hands and feet could use a little bit far more work loosening up with your shoulders. Would you love to free up your dominant & non-dominant shoulders with 5 mins of 30 second hands and feet, but also working out yet another 30 minute class of figure attitudes?

You know, by taking this kinder suggestion of drawing and sketching your figures, hands, and feet, then you can and shall and in the future, will have reduced the stiltedness in your poses and gestures, also to make them far more dynamic, energetic, and fluid, but livelier. You know, the way you'd scribble out those more abstract warm ups, they could make even more wonderful therapy. However, the point is is to also really have fun with your process and to completely go with the flow.

Hope these help even more and please take these with a more littler, smaller grain of salt.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post some feedback! And I totally agree, I think the hands and feet groupings are the only ones I still haven't dedeicated some real time for! I will def be adding this to my practice from now on.


I love figure drawing practice on paper, I'd do it more often, Im just running out of room for paper in my household.

Im seeing a real solid mix of techniques on here! Gesture, boxes, have you practiced drawing the simple mannequin yet?

Messy lines! Drawing reall messy is a great way to break the white space and quickly get a figure on paper, but how deliberate are these lines? Taking your time to draw a confident line to symbolize a limb will be more effective than a bunch of scribbles, especially when trying to develope the figure into a more detailed piece.

Also don't be afraid to spread out your figures more! WHen the characters are cramped, artists tend to either forget to leave space for the second half of the torso, or shrink the length of limbs in order for the to fit. Its even hard to avoid the limb shrinking effect if you draw over the other fiures, because you'll feel an urge to draw the lines in the whie spaces of the torsos and arms and stuff because it lets you see your figure more.

Great work! I love that I can recognize a lot of these poses from the rotation