First real person rough sketch

by Azure Dreamer, November 10th 2023 © 2023 Azure Dreamer
Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Azure Dreamer, and welcome back. How are you doing today?

Excellent job on your gesture and mood of your figure pose. However, this pose looks too stiff to me yet. Why don't you please try out your warmup class of 5 minutes of 30 second poses, faces, and expressions, using the custom class mode?

If you pay attention to the broad gestures of your figures and expressions, then you can and will make them less stiff but more fluid but lively with time. For more info, please pick up a Kindle of Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent.

Please take these with a grain of salt.


Hi Azure, agreeing with polyvios, this looks stiff. What's helped me most is not only quick sketches, but longer sketches. I recommend using a very light pencil, maybe 2h, to start out with a sketch and slowly over the hour, or however long you draw, using darker pencils and finding confidence in your lines. Plot your landmarks like eyes, mouth, etc before committing to shading and detail. Really start thinking about form and what you're drawing in its simplest form. Hope this helps!

Azure Dreamer

Thanks a bunch, that seriously helps :)


Honestly, I kind of love this piece.

I can tell you are an amateur but you did really capture a mood. The particular model harder to draw than a lot of other examples on the site, since his chin is so small and his neck hide most of his jawline. He's kind of hard mode for portrait practice and it doesn't help that drawing a head looking up to the side is pretty hard. Since you are a beginner, next time you practice, there isn't any shame in skipping to a face that is easier to understand.

Its impressive how much you've captured even though you haven't had any obvious practice with lessons on how to draw the human form, but taking some basic online lessons that you can find on or on youtube should really help you on your journey. They provide you with ways to use a basic art skeleton to place your facial features and body parts. You'll notice that one of your shoulders is higher than the other? Thats something thats avoided with some of the proper practices.

I do like the shading on the neck. It still manages to convey form with such a simple drawing. You have an eye for this, you have plenty of talent to cultivate and improve upon.

Azure Dreamer

Thanks for the words of wisdom, and critique. Appreciate your help, and I'll definitely put into practice your advice :).

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