A Force of a Kneeling Figure

by Polyvios Animations, March 19th 2024 © 2024 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a 6 hour class.

My current goal is: Learn how to make my funniest drawings the most alive and motivated from within.

I think this is of a man in his boxers, kneeling his right foot on a box. Just keep on getting better, but I'm not too shy about sharing my art with you and me and everybody. Caricature is the root of all gesture drawing. What do you all think?

Aunt Herbert

The contrast is so low, that it is hard to read anything. On first view, it could just be a grey plane or something completely abstract.

With your explanation and a bit of getting used to it, yes, I do think I see the man you are describing, but there are also so many random artifacts on the page, that I am not entirely sure, what the actual signal is, and what's just noise.

If I am guessing correctly which lines are intentional, then the figure itself looks naturalistic enough in its proportions, and the pose conveys a distinct emotional message. You do have acquired a good bunch of technical skill over time, but there is something in your production technique, that leaves every page in such a mess, that most casual viewers probably won't spend the time to search for your lines underneath.

I tried drawing a "cleaned up" version of what I suspect you were aiming at, and will upload it as "For Polyvios"


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