Week#07 From this week onwards, contributions are made once a week.

by 低温チキン, June 18th 2024 © 2024 低温チキン

Self-review Looking back over the past week, while the lines in my figure drawing have gained more movement, I've been neglecting the anatomy due to focusing too much on the flow.

When drawing heads, I tend to think of them in flat terms, often forgetting about the back of the head and the structure of the skull underneath the facial muscles. However, I think the expressions are good.

 Croquis and gestural drawing

 Head sketches and pose croquis

 BasicShape and gesture drawing

 Croquis and gesture drawing

 Landscape sketches and posed croquis

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Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Chikin. Nicest work your most stunning exhibition of reflection and self-reflection on your past works. They do give you a greatest chance to wonder about what you've done in the most recent but how you can you do better in the nearest or farthest future, yet I'm still on your corner on your severest lack of articulation of bone anatomy yet. How would you like to please find yourself a skeleton mannequin and study each and every individual bone and holistic body for 30 seconds to 2 minutes each?

The logical premise is because, if you can get most flow with your bodies, then you can do better in your bone anatomy. So for most info, kindly look into the Chris Hart Manga Anatomy book. Here:https://www.amazon.com/Basic-Anatomy-Manga-Artist-Christopher-ebook/dp/B005GVL674?dplnkId=33fde160-b5f1-404f-980e-17ee3f03159b&nodl=1

Good luck to you and your progress.


We will consider a schedule of croquis.

I have looked at a sample of the book you referred me to, and it looks like a book with a cartoonish representation.

Does that mean it is better to learn cartoonish expressions than realistic bones?

Polyvios Animations

Yes it is. But if you don't solely want to look into that book, then can I suggest a copy of any Morpho book on anatomy at your local bookstore, brick and mortar, and online?


If you know of any good books, please let us know.

I'll specify the books I've read so far.
Richer's Anatomy of Art / Paul Richer

Morpho Human Body Drawing