Timing bug (plus this week's new images)

For the last several weeks I've been receiving sporadic reports that people are encountering an occasional (or sometimes constant) bug that causes the timer to not work, and remain on a particular image forever, or until manually advanced. This issue is often (but not always) accompanied by a subsequent distortion of the image.

So far, this bug has proved elusive to track down. I wanted to post some reassurance that it is being worked on, it will definitely continue to get worked on until it is fixed, and in the meanwhile let me extend my sincerest apologies that this is disrupting practice for some of you. That sucks and I'm genuinely sad that it's adding frustration to your day.

If you are experiencing this bug, would you mind terribly sending me a description of your experience? Have you noticed any patterns? Please include in your message what browser you are using and ANY and all plugins that you use with that browser. I am hoping that more data will help me nix the issue sooner.

On a happier note, we added 100 new animal images today!

Macaque Monkeys At Swayambhunath Monkey Temple

Polar Bear Cub

Running Springbok jumping high - Antidorcas Marsupialis - Kalaha

Cat with pointy side up


Kuroonehalf (unregistered visitor)

This bug actually also used to happen to me when I used Posemaniacs. I have absolutely no idea what causes it but it seems to work the same - the timer just randomly stops working on an image, as if you lost connection to the server.

Really hope it gets fixed, it makes it really frustrating to try to practice this. :c

Kim - 網站管理員

I am both reassured and cringing that this has been happening with Posemaniacs too!

Momentarily dropped or unreliable connections do seem to be more and more part of the picture of this bug, but I don't want to chalk it up to just that without more proof.


Hi! master Kim, thankyou very much, this site is very very useful for me. And how about adding photos for still life drawing too? I think it will be very great and make this site more complete, thanks :)

Kim - 網站管理員

We might someday do still life! The next type of tool on the docket is environments, such as architecture and landscapes.


It is possible that it is browser related...you might ask people to report what browser they're using when the issue occurs.

Kim - 網站管理員

If you read the bolded section of this post, you'll see that I'm asking to know both the browser and any plugins they are using.