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    I'm new to art and have been practicing for around 4 months. I started practicing gesture drawing about a week ago, but I feel like I'm not progressing at all. I can tell what the pose is but they still will off in some way. I just never know what.

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    What you are doing is good enough for 4 months of practice, you could always draw more, so go ahead and do some more sketches ! but your work is soid


    hey, It happens. Its hard to see your own progress, keep at it and you'll improve for sure.You can also read a few books to get better, a very good book is force Dynamic life drawing by mike mattesi.

    Also practice atleast for 30 mins everyday, you can go up to an hour too slowly as you build a habit.


    Good afternoon, Mar, and welcome aboard to our online drawing tool. How do you do? Say, I think you are doing a more finer job on showcasing your range of action and acting in your human poses and gestures with as way much fewer lines as possible. Very, very greater job so please keep on pushing your envelope by getting better at sketching out livelier quick sketches.

    Critique, I think and feel that all of the poses don't seem too sufficiently looser, lighter, longer, larger, and livelier yet enough. How would you like to do 30 minutes of 30 second scribblier drawn dynamic poses a day for 31 days? The reason why you could and would and should do this suggestion is because, it can make all of your dynamic gesture sketches a lot lesser than stiffer, and furthermore, more dynamic, raw-er, and vital-er. For most details, please look into some Force books by Mike Mattessi and the Walt Stanchfield books, and the Eric Goldberg animation reel, to study his scenes frame-by-frame, by drawing them, drawing by drawing, exposure by exposure. It's totally worth a shot. Look.

    Good luck to you, for they could and would be totally helpful to you.

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    Hi Mar :)

    honestly I think your sketches are looking really nice already for someone who's only been drawing for 4 months!
    your lines are lacking confidence - being constructed of multiple tiny lines rather than one flowing one. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, this is why we practice. You can also use varying line thickness to hint towards shadows and thus volumes. I see you using the line of action in some sketches which is great and an amazing tool to get the general direction of the gesture right. Try working in some volumes into your figures by taking more time than just a minute when you find a reference you particularly like. I also think maybe you could try working on a sketch until the entire figure is drawn and all limbs are recognizable beyond just lines! And as always, keep your eyes on the reference more than the paper.

    these are just some tips I think might help you get, at least, different results and then eventually drawings you are satisfied with

    keep going! you are doing so well. I wish you all the best :)


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