Animal varients sketch studies (right approach?)

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    wanted to take a break from human anatomy and try animals instead. went from quick figure sketches with the reptiles to longer detailed bird sketches. not too certain if im doing these right either as they look a bit cartoony or if it's an acceptable style choice?

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    Hello again, Emi, but once again, greater job on your reptiles to birds. I think they you are all on the right track of all of those but the signature style needs more looser lines of action and rhythm. Would you like to go for 40 minutes of 60 second sketches of those creature sketches?

    The reason why you could do this constructive critique is because you can make your signature drawing style of animal forms less stiffer, yet to make them more expressive, appealing, and more like they appear to move. Either way, your style is very unique thus far, but for more info, look into the Ken Hultgren Animal drawing book, link right heeere.

    'Hope these have helped you out even more.


    I've done some more animal studies, particularly with hooved animals and most were done under the 5min mark.

    To be honest im not a big fan of fast figure drawings, the timer throws me off and im usually unsatisfied with the results. is it not possible for me to achieve 'fluidity' in my drawings with such great time constraints?


    Well, Emi K P, the reason why you don't like doing the fast figure drawings is because arguably you need to give yourself some time to get used to the process of quantity over quality in the figures, even the animals, yet you don't know how to handle it appropriately yet, but I think you're doing fine, therefore, you're too roughest on yourself, no pun intended. Solution, please take a deepest breath yet loosen yourself up but go with the flow.

    Yet, greatest job on your hooved animal sketches, but I think your progress and process are all totally on the excellent track, but I feel that these are, though anatomically articulate, but the motion of the animation lines all seem too rigidest but stilted. Why don't you please try out doing 6 minutes of 2 minute equine poses? (3 equine sketches)

    As a result, your hooved animal drawings will become less stilted and the most loosest, fluidest, but flowing yet. For most info, look into the Force Animal Drawing book on Kindle by Mike Mattessi.

    My hat's off to you, and good luck.


    I find all of them pretty consistant ! Not too cartoonish . I like the dynamic too . Nice job


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