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    Gesture work from the last two days, one hour sessions each.

    My main goals right now are clarity, strong line work, and believable anatomy. I really want to focus on cartooning and animation so life drawing is something I really have to start putting a massive effort into.

    I know I've got a ways to go, but all critique is greatly appreciated.

    [work is done digitally via a tablet]

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    So I've enjoyed your gesture drawings! :) I definitely see each pose clearly. Basing off of what I've been told in the past, outlining may be something to look at in the future. When you get into more detailed drawings like your bottom picture at the very bottom right, and some others obviously, there is a clear outer edge line around the whole figure. I suggest experimenting without using an outer edge the entire way around and see what it may be like. Don't worry though, I struggle with the same thing :) I hope this is helpful in any way, good luck in the future!


    Are all of these from references??


    Yes, all of them.


    When I look at these I feel like you are "chicken scratching" which means, drawing very short lines to amount to one long line. And these kinds of lines often look very wobbly, not very flowy, and the energy of the pose leaks out from them. What you can practise is doing the poses wiht as few lines as possible, Maybe give yourself even less time than you have before, to force yourself to make stickfigures and capture JUST the pose and no needles details.

    The point of gesture drawing isn't to perfectly capture the model, it's to capture how theyre posed, its a good thing to exaggerate, you learn a lot by just experimenting with exaggeration.

    here are some examples of what I mean

    Keep practising and you'll get there : ) just think about your lines more
    heres a guy with more tips:

    hope it helps : D


    Some more stuff.

    Trying to use less lines and more flowiness.

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