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    My first time using Proko's Robo Beans. It was akward at first, yet the torso and plevis looks more interesting. Any suggestions to improve this, especially foreshorten figures?

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    Hello and welcome again, JO NI. Nicest job on your robo-bean poses and anatomy drawings. I love how much clarity and most simplicity and geometry in your spaces, shapes, and of course, forms. Yet I'm still not getting enough of your looseness of your lightest lines, shapes, and forms yet. How would you like to please kindly loosen up your robo-beans in 5 minutes each like these here?

    The logical reason why is because if you've just carefully captured your robo-beans most slowly enough, then you speed can improve quite dramatically and fairly with speed and most myelins. For most details, please look into more gesture drawing vids by Proko.

    Good luck from me.


    Hi Jo Ni!

    I believe you're on quite the right track. Your lines are quite "active" so it's sometimes a bit hard to discern what you meant with them.

    From what I figure, your torsos are occasionally quite thin, narrow and prolonged. Again, it may be so intentionally. Pose 12, for example.

    As for the foreshortening, you are implementing the theoretical rules correctly.

    Another thing to try is to study the shape and the anatomy of the spine, if you haven't already. How can it twist, and how much can it twist at each point? How does muscle arrangement look like against the spine?


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